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St Helen's is located at the far end of Main Street.  It is a beautiful, ancient church with parts dating back to the Anglo-Saxon period.  The tower was constructed in three distinct stages, identified by the different types of sandstone used. The lower part dates back to c 870-1066.  The entrance to the church is through a porch which was constructed during 1877.  The church door was restored during the same year and its ironwork reflects XIII century design.  The door is framed by an archway which was assembled during the period 1220-40 and incorporates a Norman zig-zag moulding.

The first extension to the Saxon church is thought to have taken place during the XII century, followed by many further modifications over time.  It contains numerous items of architectural interest such as arches and piers.  Memorials both inside and outside the church illustrate that the church has been a place of worship for the community for over 1,000 years.  The Eastern Church wall is topped by medieval grave slabs.

Regular services are held every Sunday and a joint service with Skipwith Methodists is celebrated on the 4th Sunday each month.  Several joint services and events are held throughout the year and details of these can be found on the Calendar.

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